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Another one of my promise threads where I end up not really doing any of it but anyway..

From now on I'm gonna try and put up at least 3 "articles" a day for the front page. I say "articles" because I doubt they'll be long, quality pieces like the rest of you guys have written but just little news stories similar to the Mayweather one I just put up.

@Jay - I'd like a reward to keep me motivated for doing this though. For each day that I put up more than 3 news stories, @Jenna has to send me a picture of her tits OR @Wallet has to reveal a letter of his real name. Deal?
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I think we need to look at some form of rewards system. I know it's a tough one as it's hard to reward, but I'm happy to discuss a fair system - whether people are happy just taking press passes (despite that still being more work), or whatever ideas people genuinely have.

Once the site has more traffic and activity, I can approach advertisers for better returns - and then invest that revenue into a very decent rewards system, but we need to get there first.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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