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I thought it might be fun to start a thread dedicated to the best prospects of British boxing. I was hoping for people to do a short write up about each of your favourite boxers, post a few clips, and plan their route to success.

Some questions to get us started.
1) Who is your favourite prospect in British boxing? (For the purposes of this thread, a Prospect is a boxer with UNDER 10 fights.)
2) How would you plan a propect's success?

To get us started, here is a piece I wrote on Joey Taylor for Scene a while ago. Ingore the title, because Joey had to pull out of the fight with a damanged knee tendon.

Article Link -
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On July 5, a packed crowd at London's York Hall witnessed an all out war between Ashley Sexton and Merseyside's Paul Butler. The bout, which was televised on BoxNation, was quickly declared a Fight of the Year contender, and helped propel Queensbury Promotions' Box Academy Show into the limelight.

While many at home tuned in to see the heated super Flyweight contest, many in the crowd had already seen their main event. That came in the form of the self-proclaimed "shortest and stockiest super Featherweight in the world", Joey Taylor.

Taylor, making his professional debut, dispatched Hayes' Michael Stupart within two minutes of the opening bell. While the performance was impressive, it was somewhat eclipsed by "Joeboy's" large support in the audience.

"I loved every second of it but I was a bit overwhelmed," Taylor told BoxingScene. "I sold 230 tickets and loads of t-shirts. There was red everywhere!"

Entering the ring to rapturous applause, Taylor broke Stupart down with vicious body shots before referee Ken Curtis halted the action in the first round. To those at ringside, it immediately became clear that it was Taylor's style, rather than his lack of talent, which prevented him from achieving major amateur success.

"I had 52 (amateur) fights, winning 40. I won a gold medal at Harrogate but I never really got that lucky break in the ABAs. I always came unstuck," Taylor recalled.

"At first this was down to my style, but once I adjusted that I messed up with my weight. I tried to make 57kg, but I had to lose too much weight and I wasn't strong enough. I had enough of the amateur circuit in the end. I wanted to improve myself, change my style and change the scenery."

That change of scenery came in the form of Queensbury Promotions, run by Frank Warren's two sons Francis and George, and the Box Academy, which allows youngsters to showcase their talents early in their careers.

But the confident Londoner isn't fazed by the addition of TV cameras. "I just take it as it comes. I'll have to get used to the cameras being there in the long run, so why not get used to them in my first fight?" Taylor said when quizzed on the topic. "I didn't feel under any extra pressure, I just wanted to box well and not get frustrated. But I kept calm and listened to my coach."

That coach is South London based Gary Logan, someone who Joey speaks highly of. "He isn't just my coach, he is my mate as well. I can go to him and talk about anything."

He added: "He makes me work hard but it's also fun at the same time. He's been there and done it so Gary knows what he is talking about. Not only does he want to make me a better fighter, he actually cares, rather than just trying to make money out of a boxer."

Taylor returns to action on September 7 at London's York Hall in a card headlined by Cruiserweights Tony Conquest and Ian Tims, and Joey cannot wait to fight again. "I don't go in there trying to knock him out, but if I pick the right shots, I think I'm strong enough to hurt him in the end," he said when talking about his prospective opponent. "When you're in the ring, you have to stick to what you know best, and that's my boxing."

"Fans can find me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (@Joeboyfate88)."

With just one pro fight to his name, it is far too early to talk about just how far Joey Taylor can go. But one thing is for sure, we will see yet another all action explosive fight on September 7.

Here is the lad's pro debut:

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