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The Bunce phone in - The problem if you have Sky+'d Prizefighter or the Price bill

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I am Sky+ing both shows tonight and will be swapping between both broadcasts to miss the padding and the adverts. It would be nice to hear the phone in live, but even with all the cutting out and will still be behind.
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Bunce needs to sort it out and invent a time machine.

You're right though, gonna be annoying flicking between channels. I want to see Stalker's debut and wouldn't mind seeing a bit of Prizefighter (war Rogan) but nothing's getting in the way of Price-Thompson for me.
Shame he did not have a phone in on Sunday night. I would hate to miss Prizefighter and hear the callers say it was the best one yet.
:lol: Bunce's phone-in turns into a Hearn/Sky round by round.

Might give him a ring later.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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