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The ESPN Friday Night Fights Thread

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Made this thread on ESB, thought I might as well bring it over to this neck of the woods.

Hopefully now that it's undergoing a Renaissance here I can turn it into what I intended it to be initially rather than what it turned into(which was the thread being bumped about once a week with 2/3 people watching the card live making sporadic posts regarding it). If we're looking for more writing to be on the front page we can do previews*, reviews, etc. Perhaps we could even look back on old ESPN classics? Who knows, it's a crazy show where anything can go.
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If you can get a preview done for this week's FNF by Wednesday or Thursday please Pabs and I'll get it up on the main page. Doesn't need to be that long, just something decent and something that shows we're consistent in covering fights. Then we can spam the link out on twitter etc and it'll promote the site pretty well :good
Nice one, and it's on tv properly for us as well. ESPN America - Sky channel 429. I'm still a Pavlik fan so will be joining you for this one and hope to maybe get a few more from America on to here for the RBR :good
Evening all :hi:

Edit: Baseball is shite.
And we're on! Mike Lee vs Elisio Durazo - 4 round Cruiserweight bout.
What the fuck? This is terrible. If it's scheduled for 4 rounds, you stop it after 4 rounds. Very poor. I hope Durazo lands a hail mary out of nothing now and takes Lee out in one punch. That'll show the fuckers for cheating like this.
Well.. that was impressive enough :good
I thought the RBR sub-forums were just gonna be used to put the RBR's when they're finished, so it's easy to look back on etc?

But yeah, for now Friday Night Fight's RBRs should just stay in here how Pab's always done it because there's not really enough on for it's own thread.
Pavlik looking decent early on. Lively, composed and looks up for it. Controlling the centre of the ring and showing some decent hand speed. Should be getting rid of Sigmon in the next round or two IMO.

10-9 Pavlik.
Very one sided but this is getting brutal. Sigmon's blood getting everywhere. Expected a bit more from Pavlik tbh, thought he would've been able to get rid of this guy by now.
Glad they finished that then. Good to have Pavlik back. He'd make for a good fight against any of the top super middleweights IMO.

Pavlik says in post fight interview that he needs a big fight next, not necessarily a title but says he doesn't need any more tune-ups and wants to get back in there with the top names again.

WAR Pavlik. (unless he ends up fighting Froch)
Plenty of fights out there for Pavlik next. Right, article for main site done and updated - - and I'm off to bed. Someone ask @Supermanintights when do I get paid? ;)

Is it 3 o'clock start?

I'm tempted to stay up as I just got home. Problem is I've got a poker tourney from tomorrow afternoon and would rather not be completely fucked and falling asleep during it.
Meh fuck it I'm going asleep. Night CHB.
Great shot to finish that but Cruz was all over the place right from the start.

Fortuna looks interesting though.
Morning all.. anyone up for tonight's card?

Jose Luis Castillo vs Ivan Popoca and Glen Johnson vs Andrezjzzjzj (or something like that) Fonfara

Wasn't planning on staying up for tonight's but I just got home from a game of poker where I ended a hundred up so I'm in a good mood and feel like watching boxing. Fooking baseball is on now though..
Yeah it's annoying.

And they just showed an advert saying 'catch tonights friday night fights live from 02:00 uk on espn america'

Aye. I'm just seeing the updates on twitter.
And we're finally on over here.. looks a good fight so far.
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