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The ESPN Friday Night Fights Thread

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Made this thread on ESB, thought I might as well bring it over to this neck of the woods.

Hopefully now that it's undergoing a Renaissance here I can turn it into what I intended it to be initially rather than what it turned into(which was the thread being bumped about once a week with 2/3 people watching the card live making sporadic posts regarding it). If we're looking for more writing to be on the front page we can do previews*, reviews, etc. Perhaps we could even look back on old ESPN classics? Who knows, it's a crazy show where anything can go.
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Looking forward to seeing Pavlik back again tonight, say what you want about him, but hes always been exciting. Also wasnt he mentioned in a fight with Adonis Stevenson recently? That would be an excellent matchup, 50-50 imo
Anyone ever notice how the chat at Marks place is always full of the biggest degenerates on the internet?
Lee has a decent following for an 8-0 fighter who hasn't looked great so far. He must be doing something right in his career. Teddy going on about his education like Piper does for Cleverly.
Im just guessing but id say part of Lees popularity is due to the fact that he was a linebacker for the University of Notre Dame. Those American footballers usually bring a good crowd and a bit of hype dont they, like that Tom Zbikowski lad.
Pavlik looks fucking huge, will have Sigmon out of there in a few rounds.
I like Pavliks use of the hook tonight, some of his fights hes been one dimensional in his punch selection, too right hand dependant.
Wonder who pavlik will take on next? I dont know why, but Brian Magee's name just popped into my head:lol:
Im up, looking forward to seeing Burgos in action, been something of a fan since he fought Hasegawa.
Good finish from Burgos, a fighter who's constantly improving. Deserves a title shot now imo.
Lundy vs Beltran starting in a half hour, anyone watching?
Good stuff, Lundy's really good to watch, classy boxer at is best but vulnerable all the same, never know when he might go down!
Farah Ennis looks decent, fairly quick, puts the punches together well and looks a bit slick. Brother of Derek Ennis I assume?
Your the king of not throwing enough punches Zab!

Two left hands and a little shoe shine seems to do for him most of the time.
Lundy is boxing nicely now, he justs has to make every fight difficult for himself though :yep
Mercito Gesta vs Ty Barnett...
Good, exciting prospect is Gesta, not much of a test for him tonight though. Will be watching for sure though.
Fantastic RBR lads, really enjoyed the in depth round by round analysis of last nights card;)
Wasn't on last night. Sorry. But, I guess you didn't watch it either...
I don't know if I can find it in my heart to forgive you Allen......
You got to believe me Sports. I'm sorry.:-(
we'll see....

On a side note, this seasons FNF has been fairly poor, especially by the 2011 seasons standards, which was full of class fights. Hope next year brings something better.
1 - 20 of 719 Posts
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