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The ESPN Friday Night Fights Thread

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Made this thread on ESB, thought I might as well bring it over to this neck of the woods.

Hopefully now that it's undergoing a Renaissance here I can turn it into what I intended it to be initially rather than what it turned into(which was the thread being bumped about once a week with 2/3 people watching the card live making sporadic posts regarding it). If we're looking for more writing to be on the front page we can do previews*, reviews, etc. Perhaps we could even look back on old ESPN classics? Who knows, it's a crazy show where anything can go.
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Not going to wait around for this, I'll look forward to seeing more of Magdaleno though.
Fuck it, I'll try and watch. Pissed that it's an hour late though.
:bump anyone around?
Don George is rubbish.
And Stevenson has nothing but a big punch, and a suspect chin. Solid fight IMO.
It's a poor card tbg but there's so little boxing right now I'll probably watch anyway.
Looks pretty good, it's a 3am start so I may or may not make it but I'll try.
Bello, good start Socarras looked promising.
I might be around, or might fall asleep. 3am right?
Oh sweet, well I might catch some of it then.
George was brave but about as bad as most people expected. Good to see Delvin pick up a win doe.
1 - 12 of 719 Posts
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