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The ESPN Friday Night Fights Thread

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Made this thread on ESB, thought I might as well bring it over to this neck of the woods.

Hopefully now that it's undergoing a Renaissance here I can turn it into what I intended it to be initially rather than what it turned into(which was the thread being bumped about once a week with 2/3 people watching the card live making sporadic posts regarding it). If we're looking for more writing to be on the front page we can do previews*, reviews, etc. Perhaps we could even look back on old ESPN classics? Who knows, it's a crazy show where anything can go.
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July 6th, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marvin Sonsona vs Orlando Cruz, Featherweights, 10 rounds; Magomed Abdusalamov vs Maurice Byarm, Heavyweights, 10 rounds.
Loving the look of that card, been waiting to see Sonsona fight again. Still got potential for sure.
Not seen Sonsona since the Vazquez jr fight. Looked a bit out of his depth but I think he was 18 or something and Vazquez wasn't far off what he is now. The Pinoy fans were going mad for him before the fight as well. Will be good to see what he is like now against a fighter in Cruz.
Same. It was pretty similar to what happened to AJ Banal against Concepcion (another one who the Pinoys were going crazy for) at the same age. Still only 21 I think, Sonsona so this will be a good test for him to see what he's improved and learned since the Vazquez fight. Showed flashes of real potential in his brief title reign, just didn't know how to handle when quality work was coming back at him.
1 - 2 of 719 Posts
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