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The ESPN Friday Night Fights Thread

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Made this thread on ESB, thought I might as well bring it over to this neck of the woods.

Hopefully now that it's undergoing a Renaissance here I can turn it into what I intended it to be initially rather than what it turned into(which was the thread being bumped about once a week with 2/3 people watching the card live making sporadic posts regarding it). If we're looking for more writing to be on the front page we can do previews*, reviews, etc. Perhaps we could even look back on old ESPN classics? Who knows, it's a crazy show where anything can go.
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2012 Results

January 6th

Dyah Davis (21(9)-2-1) def. Alfonso Lopez (22(17)-2) UD 10

Denis Doughlin (14(8]-1) def. Steve Martinez (11(9)-1) SD 8

Dannie Williams (21(17)-1) def. Fernando Trejo (33(19)-18 (KO 2)-6) RTD 6

January 13th

Teon Kennedy (17(7)-1-2) Majority Draw 12 Chris Martin (23(6)-1-3)

Yordenis Ugas (11(5)-0) def. Esteban Almaraz (10 (4)-5) UD 8

Jesse Magdaleno (8(5)-0) def. Shawn Nichol (5(5)-8] UD 6

January 27th

Ruslan Provodnikov (21-1)def. David Torres (21-3-2) TKO 6

Ji-Hoon Kim (23-7) def. Yakubu Amidu (20-3-1) UD 10

February 3rd

Isaac Chilemba (19-1-1) def. Edison Miranda (35-7) UD 10

Rances Barthelemy (15-0) def. Hylon Williams Jr. (15-1) UD 8

February 10th

Demetrius Andrade (16-0) def. Angel Hernandez (30-11) KO2

Raymond Serrano (18-0) def. Kenny Abril (11-5-1) UD 10

Mike Arnaoutis (23-7-2) def. Shakha Moore (11-17-3) UD 6

January 17th

Mike Dallas Jr (18-2-1) def. Miguel Gonzalez (20-3) UD 10

Shawn Estrada (14-0) def. Terrence Woods (9-4) UD 8

January 24th

Juan Carlos Burgos (29-1) def. Cristobal Cruz (39-13-3) UD 10

Manuel Perez (17-7-1) def. Edgar Santana (26-4) UD 10

March 2nd

Ed Paredes (30-3-1) def. Manuel Leyva (21-5) TKO 7

Joan Guzman (32-0-1) def. Jesus Pabon (17-3) KO 8

March 16th

Kendall Holt (28-5) def. Tim Coleman (19-3-1) TKO 2

Abraham Lopez (17-0) def. Gabriel Tolmajyan (12-2-1) UD 8

March 23rd

Roberto Garcia (31-3) def. Antwone Smith (21-3-1) UD 10

James De la Rosa (21-1) def. Tyrone Brunson (21-2-1) UD 8

March 30th

Henry Lundy (22-1-1) def. Dannie Williams (21-2) UD 10

Elvin Ayala (25-5-1) def. Eric Mitchell (23-9-1) UD 8

April 13th

Albert Mensah (25-3-1) def. Michael Katsidis (28-6) MD 10

Alan Sanchez (10-2-1) def. Artemio Reyes (15-2) TKO 1

April 20th

Adonis Stevenson (18-1) def. Noe Gonzalez Alcoba (28-2) TKO 2

Eleider Alvarez (8-0) def. Rayco Saunders (22-16-2) UD 8

April 27nd

Denis Grachev (12-0-1) def. Ismayl Syllakh (17-1) TKO 8

Javier Fortuna (19-0) def. Yuandale Evans (16-1) TKO 1

May 5th

Demetrius Andrade (17-0) def. Rudy Cisneros (12-4) KO 1

Adelita Irizarry (8-5, 1 NC) NC Victoria Cisneros (5-13-2, 1 NC) NC 2 (Accidental head butt)

May 18th

Karim Mayfield (16-0-1) def. Raymond Serrano (18-1) TKO 5

Nick Brinson (9-1-2) Draw 8 Jason Escalera (13-0-1)

May 25th

Ji-Hoon Kim (24-7) def. Alisher Rahimov (23-1) UD 10

Vincent Thompson (11-0) def. Joell Godfrey (14-7-1) UD 8

June 8th

Kelly Pavlik (39-2) def. Scott Sigmon (23-4) TKO 7

Jesse Magdaleno (10-0) def. Carlos Varcarcel (12-5-4) TKO 1
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2012 Schedule

June 22nd, Soboba Casino, San Jacinto, California.

Mike Dallas Jr vs Javier Castro, Light Welterweights, 10 rounds; Brandon Gonzales vs Elie Augustama, Super Middleweights, 8 rounds.

July 6th, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marvin Sonsona vs Orlando Cruz, Featherweights, 10 rounds; Magomed Abdusalamov vs Maurice Byarm, Heavyweights, 10 rounds.

July 13th, UIC Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois.

Glen Johnson vs Andrzej Fonfara, Light Heavyweights, 10 rounds; Jose Luis Castillo vs Ivan Popoca, Welterweights, 10 rounds.

July 27th, Resorts Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City.

Henry Lundy vs Raymundo Beltran, Lightweights, 10 rounds.
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I'll have this as well.
I've updated the results, if there's any errors on it feel free to let me know. I'll do up the schedule in a moment, and I'll probably come up with a colour scheme or something along those lines to make the results a bit less of a congested eyesore later on.
We doing a RBR in here.... All be it in 3 hours?
I'll be here.:conf
I've never been impressed by Lee. Nothing to change my mind thus far. Missing with an awful lot of 1-2's. Durazo in poor shape to say the least.
Who's that Cruiserweight, the Irish-American fella who's got a horrendously ugly style?
Ryan Coyne?
That'd be him. Dunno why I brought him up, but he's horrible isn't he?
I wanted to wipe my memory Men In Black-style after watching him, yes.
Cue him looking terrible because I've probably jinxed him, but I really rate Magdaleno.
Cue him looking terrible because I've probably jinxed him, but I really rate Magdaleno.
Does a change of fortunes come with a change of boxing sites?:think

If I made this post on ESB I doubt that would've happened.
Guys - RBR should be done in here, as it's a live forum that updates automatically - so you don't need to refresh page :hey

Not for FNF's. 'Tis tradition, bro.
Of course, it's only tradition because there's never enough people around to warrant a RBR.:yep
Sigmons right hand looks in slow mo at times
Pavlik timed a few nice left hooks as they were travelling, too.

Pavlik looking in control, as he is expected to be really.
Pavlik should start really digging to the body now, it's looked almost like he's been carrying Sigmon in there. On the few occasions he's appeared to have had Sigmon wavering he's taken his foot off the gas and gone back into cruise control. That said Cujo's face is looking nasty.

EDIT: Corner stoppage at the end of the 7th. It. Is. Ovah.
Stevenson(likely) or Bika(ideally) for me.
Those of you who are online are definitely staying up for this, right? Should be a good card, the main event has Cristobal Cruz, it's gotta be.

ESPN America are actually showing it in the UK this week and for those of us who don't have said station, Mark is showing it. So you have no excuse really.

I've still got baseball here.:blood

EDIT: We don't have that smiley?!? Step your game up, admin.
? You on the right channel ESPN tonight... Not america they have baseball.
Ah, I see. I was baffled there for a moment. Thought they had fucked me over AGAIN.:yep
Cruz has always been one of my favourite fighters, but I'm not hugely optimistic about his chances tonight, unfortunately. He went from opponent to ''champion'' and I think he's beginning to revert back to opponent level now. We'll see what happens though, there's a pretty sizable dearth in experience after all.

That and he'll undoubtedly try to put his head to use.:yep
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