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The fix Amir Khan thread!!!

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How would you do it?
If you had control over everything and wanted to build Amir back up what would you focus on. I Doubt massive changes are possible considering his experience and alarming stupidity but how would you go about making a new beginning for the lad?

I would :
-Stay at 140. Amir never weighs in very heavy on fight night and is already too easy to bully at 10 stone. Being in with bigger punchers isn't too wise either.
-Get shot of Saj and the other hangers on and get a proper PR guy in to run his twitter and filter his interviews. All the crap he gets himself in is an distraction he doesn't need.
-Move away from the wild card and Freddy Roach. Roach has done a lot for him and is a great trainer but Pac and more recently JCC jnr are ahead of him in the pecking order there and the gym war mentality of the others isn't good for amir. I'm not sure where he should go. Maybe Manny Steward could rebuild him in to a proper stick and move fighter.
-Drill into him how to react when hurt and get him to focus on jabbing and 1-2 's then moving on again. When he backs someone up he can maybe let go with a left hook to the body. The main focus had to be on raiding tactics and a solid high guard for me though.

Your ideas CHB?
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A slab of what? Concrete would be beneficial although he'd have to move up, Glass would probably be an improvement and Chocolate would be humorous.
Do you not think part of the reason he lost to Garcia was his own recklessness and underestimating Garcia and not giving him respect? @widdy
You need to sort out his mentality. He needs to realise he isn't as good as he thinks and that his chin is vulnerable. It's all well and good correcting his technical faults but the fact that he thinks he just got caught by a lucky punch makes me think he wouldn't win a rematch if it happened. You have to train to negate your opponent's strengths, not just accentuate your own and Khan's not going to do that when he thinks he's Mr PPV fighting bums who are lucky to be in the ring with him and who occasionally get lucky.
This is a massive part of it for me. He needs a more respect for his opponents abilities and a better estimate of his own.
I never thought he was going to be elite, I just didn't see the well rounded skillset or true exceptional talent in one area to be elite. I agree he is world title level fighter though he may struggle to win another one unless he makes the changes or is matched very carefully.
If you mean 'how can he be made into a top level fighter' or better than he already is...then you can't.
I mean, how would you make the most of what he has now in terms of game plans, tactics and training etc.
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