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Post in this thread if you want to participate in the second season of the H2H Boxing Predictions League (first fixtures probably in a couple of weeks)
When posting, let me know how you want the season to be organised. e.g. one big division for all players OR two "conferences" with the top 2 of each in playoffs to decide the championship

This new season I'm changing the scoring method to scrap the boxing record type system, and switch to points system

The Rules

Each week, players will be matched up and will need to predict the outcome of 5 fights.
Firstly, for each fight you will need to predict the winner, or if you think the fight ends in a draw.
Secondly, you will need to predict the method of a win. All points outcomes will be treated the same (i.e. UD, SD, MD, TD) and all stoppage outcomes will be treated the same (i.e. KO, TKO, DQ, RTD)
Finally, if you are predicting a stoppage win, you can predict the stoppage round.

If you correctly predict a winner, you score 2 goals. If you also get the correct method, you score an additional goal. If you predict a stoppage round, that is another additional goal (i.e. you would score 4 goals in this case)
If you correctly predict a fight will end in a draw, you score 4 goals.

In each matchup, the player scoring the most goals over the 5 predictions, wins the match and picks up 3 points.
If the players score the same number of goals, each player picks up 1 point.
The number of goals scored for and against in each matchup will also be recorded and used as "goal difference" to separate players on the same number of points in the league.

I will post up the fights to be picked on at least 5 days in advance. Any opponent changes will result in the fight being withdrawn

The "No Show" rule - if a player decides to lie low, and does not PM me their picks before the deadline (which will be mentioned whenever I post up the fights to pick on), they will lose 3 points. If any player "No Show"s twice in a season, they will be forcibly ejected from the league, and any goals scored by them in their matchups will be removed. Any future fixture involving the expelled player will basically be a free win for the opponent as long as they get their picks in

With 20 participants, the league will be split into two divisions of 10 each, with the top two of each division qualifying for playoffs to decide the H2H champion at the end of the season.

The Tijuana Division

Post Box

The Osaka Division

Macca L20

Week 1

LP v GazOC
Bryn v Lunny
Post Box v JFT96
Chacal v Teeto
EnglishWay v Roe

Pabby v Lilo
Wallet v dkos
Macca L20 v Bajingo
Chatty v Mandanda
Danny v Mr.Gilfoid

Week 2

Lunny v LP
JFT96 v GazOC
Teeto v Bryn
Roe v Post Box
EnglishWay v Chacal

dkos v Pabby
Bajingo v Lilo
Mandanda v Wallet
Mr.Gilfoid v Macca L20
Danny v Chatty

Week 3

LP v JFT96
Lunny v Teeto
GazOC v Roe
Bryn v EnglishWay
Post Box v Chacal

Pabby v Bajingo
dkos v Mandanda
Lilo v Mr.Gilfoid
Wallet v Danny
Macca L20 v Chatty

Week 4

Teeto v LP
Roe v JFT96
EnglishWay v Lunny
Chacal v GazOC
Post Box v Bryn

Mandanda v Pabby
Mr.Gilfoid v Bajingo
Danny v dkos
Chatty v Lilo
Macca L20 v Wallet

Week 5

LP v Roe
Teeto v EnglishWay
JFT96 v Chacal
Lunny v Post Box
GazOC v Bryn

Pabby v Mr.Gilfoid
Mandanda v Danny
Bajingo v Chatty
dkos v Macca L20
Lilo v Wallet

Week 6

EnglishWay v LP
Chacal v Roe
Post Box v Teeto
Bryn v JFT96
GazOC v Lunny

Danny v Pabby
Chatty v Mr.Gilfoid
Macca L20 v Mandanda
Wallet v Bajingo
Lilo v dkos

Week 7

LP v Chacal
EnglishWay v Post Box
Roe v Bryn
Teeto v GazOC
JFT96 v Lunny

Pabby v Chatty
Danny v Macca L20
Mr.Gilfoid v Wallet
Mandanda v Lilo
Bajingo v dkos

Week 8

Post Box v LP
Bryn v Chacal
GazOC v EnglishWay
Lunny v Roe
JFT96 v Teeto

Macca L20 v Pabby
Wallet v Chatty
Lilo v Danny
dkos v Mr.Gilfoid
Bajingo v Mandanda

Week 9

LP v Bryn
Post Box v GazOC
Chacal v Lunny
EnglishWay v JFT96
Roe v Teeto

Pabby v Wallet
Macca L20 v Lilo
Chatty v dkos
Danny v Bajingo
Mr.Gilfoid v Mandanda

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When posting, let me know how you want the season to be organised. e.g. one big division for all players OR two "conferences" with the top 2 of each in playoffs to decide the championship
I think it depends on how many players we have. I liked that the last H2H league was done and dusted in a few months rather that going on for ages.

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Count me in.

Also @Lunny, he might not be around this week so told me to stick his name down for it.
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