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The hagler/leonard decision

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I am a big hagler fan and think hagler won the fight by a couple of rounds . This is Not a moan about leonard winning so much as a question.

In a close fight did hagler have any chance of getting a decision in vegas

My point is hagler had all but confirmed this was his last fight , Leonard was a hero to the media and was always shown in a good light to the general public and if he won the casino's had more big pay days to look forward to .
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I don't think its inconceivable that you can score the fight in Hagler's favour. He done a lot of good work in that fight, chasing Leonard down, landing some good punches during the first couple of minutes in each round, was busier and had Leonard hurt a couple of times. I think the reason why Leonard gets more plaudits for this fight is because the rounds Leonard won were a lot wider than the ones Hagler won. I can't remember properly but I had Leonard winning around 4 rounds that in no way I could swing, Hagler only winning 1-2 rounds that would be hard to swing and then the rest being close rounds.

I always find it a very hard fight to score because Leonard does the classier work but he doesn't do very much the whole fight, instead hoping he can nick a few flurries that catch the judges eyes and I'm not going with the whole he only worked for 30 seconds thing because he did more work than that but hagler was most definitely the aggressor for most of the fight.

I think if you like Haglers work you can just about nick it for him but if you like Leonards work you can give it to him by a 4-5 rounds.
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