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The hagler/leonard decision

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I am a big hagler fan and think hagler won the fight by a couple of rounds . This is Not a moan about leonard winning so much as a question.

In a close fight did hagler have any chance of getting a decision in vegas

My point is hagler had all but confirmed this was his last fight , Leonard was a hero to the media and was always shown in a good light to the general public and if he won the casino's had more big pay days to look forward to .
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Leonard won fair & square. I cannot for the life of me how anyone seen it for Hagler. I had it 8-4 and was amazed when all the debates started. Everybody has their way of scoring but sometimes you watch a fight that's so clear cut there's only one conclusion. Personally I think the people who scored for Hagler are his fans. I was not a Leonard or Hagler devotee, I preferred Hearns so was not really bothered either way but would have liked Marvin to win then retire, alas it didn't happen that way.

Since I have watched fights from being a youngster there's only a handful of times when I maybe favoured the scoring for the fighter I like more but it's only cheating yourself. All fights should be scored objectively & if you had Marvin ahead then that's fair enough but the conspiracy theories really need to be laid to rest once & for all.
I have been watching fights since I was a child also I have had many boxers that I have favoured but when scoring a fight I am pretty sure I can score fairly. I still think it was a very close fight not a terrible robbery but I felt hagler had just done enough
Not implying you cannot score a fight, just saying that sometimes people see the work a fighter they like is more impressive than it actually is. Scoring becomes an art & boxing fans quickly learn how to score a fight. Not all like the same style & sometimes people get caught up in the emotion (mainly casual fans or pissed up people) which can distort how the fight is going. Like I stated I have no problem with how people score a fight but sometimes the controversy that comes after a fight is baloney. This is one of the fights that I cannot see what the fuss is about. The recent Cunningham - Adamek fight reminds me of the superfight in 87, a guy does the better work but aggression seems to pay off. It didn't for Hagler & rightly so (imo) but Adamek got a gift.
Loved Donald Curry but I think he was slightly over rated. He was put down by Jun Suk Hwang when fighting for the Vacant WBA title so the omens were there early doors. I think he had the mentality that he was unbeatable with all the hype but that was shattered by Honeyghan & then McCallum.

Hagler would have beat Hearns in a rematch!
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