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The hagler/leonard decision

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I am a big hagler fan and think hagler won the fight by a couple of rounds . This is Not a moan about leonard winning so much as a question.

In a close fight did hagler have any chance of getting a decision in vegas

My point is hagler had all but confirmed this was his last fight , Leonard was a hero to the media and was always shown in a good light to the general public and if he won the casino's had more big pay days to look forward to .
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Not sure about the "last fight" theory. Leonard promptly retired after the fight, as he said he would, and Hagler was all set for the Hearns rematch before the Leonard fight was signed and I think theres every chance he'd have taken that next if he'd beaten Leonard.
Hagler I am pretty sure or someone from his camp said something like this is the fight marvin has been hanging around for
They said that but Hagler-Hearns II was all but signed when Leonard threw his hat into the ring.
Bottom line for me in that fight was that Hagler threw away the first 4 rounds without exacting much out of Leonard. He was always going to lose the first few but he should have made Ray pay for those rounds and as a result caught up with him later on in the fight. 4 rounds start in a 12 rounder is a big defficit to pull back.
I think Hearns would have fought smarter than he did in the first fight but I still reckon Marvin would have caught up with him at some point and stopped him. How about you?
The corners in the last few rounds spoke volumes. The Petronellis knew they were down on the cards when they sent Hagler out for the 11th and 12th rounds.
I think hagler would of won but he would of had a longer night coming from behind to score a stoppage victory I to think hearns would fought a different fight
Same here. Late rounds stoppage when Hearns legs started to slow down. Kinchen gave Hearns life and death right after the Hagler fight so I'm damn sure Marvin could have gone one better.
BB, its a bit of a myth that Hagler was all set to ride off into the sunset when the evil Leonard tempted him back into the ring. That summer Leonard said he wanted the fight Hagler-Hearns II was a dead cert to be signed for the Autumn/ Winter with Curry tentatively to follow in the summer. Massive, winnable fights for Hagler.
I have always thought that even at that stage of his career hagler would of eaten curry for dinner
It was seen as a great fight though at the time though, eh? Looking back its got "mismatch" written all over it even though Hagler was on the slide.
Don't get me wrong, as much as I dislike Leonard, I don't see him as a Haye type figure.

I actually rate the bloke for starters :lol:

I'm just going on Hagler's comments in the post fight interview after the Mugabi war, and the ''I'm gonna sit back and lick my chops'' comments.

Of course it's hindsight to say that Hagler was past it, I'm not convinced he was, despite having faded from his absolute best form. He was no worse than what Pacquiao is today, by my reckoning.
The "lick my chops" comment was made after Leonard said he wanted the fight, ie. it was Haglers turn to mess Leonard about like Leonard had messed him about in 1982. But before that announcement of Leonards they were going to make Hagler-Hearns II for that Autumn.
Yeah curry's stock fell really fast didn't it
Didn't it just? The bloke was a killer for 2-3 years and then boom! Never the same after Honeyghan and then McCallum.
Gonna watch it now. Don't think I've ever actually scored it.
I've scored it loads of times and usually end up 115-113 Leonard. Can't give Hagler the win no matter how I score it.
The McCallum ko was devastating
Curry seemed to be winning the fight at the time as well. McCallum was never seen as a big puncher either. I guess Don just didn't carry the weight up that well?
Totally agree. He just seemed to lose something once he'd lost for the first time. Def. overrated looking back but I remember watching him at the time and just thinking "Fuck me, this guy is amazing!". He struggled a bit against Hwang and Starling (who didn't struggle against Starling though?) but seemed to be just getting better and better until the wheels fell off against Honeyghan.
It's a good job with hindsight that a hearns/curry fight was never made
:lol: The funny thing is if that fight had of been made right after Hagler-Hearns then Curry could well have started favourite after the McCrory demolition.
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