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The hagler/leonard decision

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I am a big hagler fan and think hagler won the fight by a couple of rounds . This is Not a moan about leonard winning so much as a question.

In a close fight did hagler have any chance of getting a decision in vegas

My point is hagler had all but confirmed this was his last fight , Leonard was a hero to the media and was always shown in a good light to the general public and if he won the casino's had more big pay days to look forward to .
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Think Hagler let it get to him too much (he waited and waited... and waited for this fight) it was like he changed almost everything that made him great for the fight.

Granted he was over the hump, but it was like he turned off "war" and wanted to demonstrate to the general masses his superior boxing ability over Leonard.

Fighting orthodox for 3 rounds? I'm sure even the Petronellis must of been telling him to cut it out.

Hagler I am pretty sure or someone from his camp said something like this is the fight marvin has been hanging around for
Leonard liked to tease Hagler over a possible match-up, If I remember right, he even invited Hagler to his original retirement press conference. Leonard had hinted to Hagler it was to announce his intention to fight him... it wasn't.
Yeah your right there but that just sums Leonard up for me
Hagler and Leonard, polar opposites in regards to just about everything. Could be part of reason this fight remains such a hot topic.

Hagler fans don't want accept a guy like Leonard beating a guy like Hagler.

Time to go to the scorecards??

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1 - 4 of 41 Posts
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