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The hagler/leonard decision

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I am a big hagler fan and think hagler won the fight by a couple of rounds . This is Not a moan about leonard winning so much as a question.

In a close fight did hagler have any chance of getting a decision in vegas

My point is hagler had all but confirmed this was his last fight , Leonard was a hero to the media and was always shown in a good light to the general public and if he won the casino's had more big pay days to look forward to .
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Just scored it:

Rd 1: Leonard
Rd 2: Leonard
Rd 3: Hagler
Rd 4: Leonard
Rd 5: Hagler
Rd 6: Leonard
Rd 7: Hagler
Rd 8: Hagler
Rd 9: Hagler
Rd 10: Leonard
Rd 11: Leonard
Rd 12: Hagler


Out of the rounds that I thought were close I had about 4 of them to Hagler and 2 to Leonard so similar to what @chatty was saying. It'd be a lot easier to make an argument for Leonard winning the fight than Hagler.

Pretty pissed off I sat there scoring it to come with a conclusive decision and ended up scoring a draw! I so wanted that last round for Leonard just so I could have a winner but it wasn't to be...
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