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The Kronk Gym closed

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Sad but to be honest, it's all very purposely dramatic. It's look like somebodies gone in there and chucked a load of shit about to make it look worse than it probably is just for effect, like hanging that dirty glove over the top rope. I find it hard to believe that was just there. :lol:

Still hard to see, hopefully it's just a case of it temporarily closing down to save it from being vandalised and looted whilst they sort out future plans. The Kronk was Steward's legacy, I don't believe his sister would just let that fizzle out, espcielly when there are people like Hearns about offering to take it over full-time.
yeah it is a bit dramatic like you say. It's probably been done to entise new investers to take it over. Hopefully it has the desired effect
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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