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The Kronk Gym closed

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It's a bit mental whichever way you look at it. This might sound harsh but if they wanted to use the Kronk name properly then this would be the perfect time to do it as people are more emotionally invested and would be more willing to invest in the gym/product now whereas six months down the line the time will have probably passed.

Also more importantly I'm sure Manny wouldn't have wanted the gym to be shut down immediately after he died (I could be wrong of course).

If they had anything about them (both emotionally and mentally) they would start a re-building program, maybes get a nice statue of Manny built outside and re-build the gym as a community project with guys like Hearns and Klitschkos involved in some way or another. It would be a nice legacy and would probably be very successful as well.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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