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:hi: Welcome all. This is a brand new prediction league kind of thing, with a twist. The rules are in the post below, anything that's not clear let me know.

Click to see the Spreadsheet showing the rankings, all predictions and each poster's record.

1 Rooq 3-0-0 (2 KO)
2 Wallet 2-0-1 (2 KO)
3 Lunny 1-0-0 (1 KO)
4 Bajingo 2-0-0 (2 KO)
5 Roe 1-0-0 (1 KO)
6 dkos 3-0-0 (3 KO)
7 Pabby 1-0-0 (0 KO)
8 biglads 1-0-0 (0 KO)
9 Wickio 1-0-0 (0 KO)
10 Vano-irons 1-0-0 (1 KO)
11 LP 1-0-0 (0 KO)
12 JamieC 1-0-0 (0 KO)
13 Dev Alahan 0-1-0 (0 KO)
14 Johnny Greaves 0-1-0 (0 KO)

Future Predictions
biglads - Massimiliano Ballisai over Araik Sachbazjan (Oct 5)
Chacal - Blake Caparello over Aaron Pryor Jr (Oct 5)
JamieC - Robert Maess over Ehsan Adibifar (Oct 5)
Wallet - Brian Rose over Vivian Harris (Oct 5)
Pabby - Wilfredo Vazquez Jr over Jonathan Oquendo (Oct 6)
SimonTemplar - Zaurbek Baysangurov over Lukas Konecny (Oct 6)
Bryn - Lukas Konecny over Zaurbek Baysangurov (Oct 6)
Holmes - Roman Gonzalez over Dirceu Cabarca (Oct 6)
Lunny - Rocky Fielding over Carl Dilks (Oct 6)
Roe - Yoshihiro Kamegai over Cosme Rivera (Oct 6)
Noonaldinho - Kevin Ferguson over Howard Jones (Oct 6)
Bajingo - Moises Fuentes over Ivan Calderon (Oct 6)
adamcanavan - Nonito Donaire over Toshiaki Nishioka (Oct 13)
Rebel-INS - Toshiaki Nishioka over Nonito Donaire (Oct 13)
Phileas Flash - David Price over Audley Harrison (Oct 13)

Recent Predictions
Wallet - Satoshi Hosono WON TKO 7 Rikiya Fukuhara (Oct 2)
Rooq - Ryuji Hara WON UD 10 Kenichi Horikawa (Oct 2)
Bajingo - Suriyan Sor Rungvisai WON KO 4 Ricky Manufoe (Oct 2)
dkos - Ryo Matsumoto WON TKO 2 Tatsuya Kaneko (Oct 2)

WBC - vacant
WBA - Roe - beat Dev Alahan (Sep 29)
IBF - vacant
WBO - vacant
European - vacant
British - vacant
Commonwealth - vacant

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Think you know boxing and can predict who beats who? This is the place to prove it.

* Unique Careers! - Each poster's prediction record will be completely different
* Win World Titles! - Win world titles, try to defend them, and then attempt to unify against other title holders
* Create Rivalries! - Compete in rivalry matchups against friends and fellow posters
* Become the Champ! - Climb the rankings and maybe one day challenge for the world championship!

Prediction Rules
1. Predict the winner of any upcoming fight. You become that boxer for the fight and whatever their outcome is will be added to your record.
2. Boxers can only be backed by one poster at a time.
3. If two posters back opposing boxers in a fight, they will be competing against each other which will help their ranking.
4. The prediction must be in at least the day before the fight.
5. Only one fight can be predicted per day.
6. The outcome of a predicted fight must be settled before that poster makes another prediction.
7. Cancellations are allowed if you change your mind but you have to withdraw your prediction at least 2 days before the fight.

The aim here is to build a career as if you're a boxer yourself and improve your record one fight at a time. It'll be up to you to select your predictions carefully, weighing up the risk/reward element for each fight you predict. The idea being that eventually we'd get people with records of something like 20-0, but they then happen to disagree on a particular fight. Would they be willing to put their records on the line and risk losing?

1. Each week a handful of fights will be selected as different title fights.
2. Correctly predict the winner of that fight against another poster and you'll become the holder of that title.
3. Title defences can be made by predicting the outcome of any other fight that's listed as for the same title (regardless of weight class)
4. For it to be classed as a defence, another poster must back the opposing boxer.
5. Mandatory positions can be earned based on the rankings and eliminators.
6. WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO title holders cannot earn mandatory positions.
7. Eliminators will work in the same way as title fights, with the winner becoming mandatory for that title rather than champion.
8. The titles available will be based on any upcoming fight that's listed as for that title. For example, if you predict the winner of a WBA world title fight, you'll become the WBA champion. You can then only defend that title in any other listed WBA title fight.
9. Titles available are: WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO, European, British and Commonwealth. Any other title fights (Intercontinental etc) can be requested.

CHB Championship Rules
1. Posters must have at least 10 wins (correct predictions) to be eligible for the CHB Championship.
2. The top 2 ranked posters can compete for the vacant Championship if they enter opposing predictions on any fight.
3. As long as they're ranked 1 and 2 at the time of submitting their predictions, it'll be a Championship match.

Any debate who should be ranked where, which fights are for titles/eliminators etc will be decided by me. I am the Roesé Sulaimán of the CHB 'Predict Fights and Build a Career' Challenge Organisation. Or the CHBPFABACCO for short.

I now declare the league of CHBPFABACCO open. Check the boxrec schedule here for upcoming fights and get your own predictions in to boost your records -

Good luck :good

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I am in, sir. Roe making some lovely threads.

I would've picked Juan Carlos Sanchez Jr to beat Rodel Mayol. I consider myself 1-0 even the official standings do not reflect as such.

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Myself and Lunny are going to build 45-0 records respectively, the people of CHB will demand a high-profile clash but our mutual respect and grass-roots moderating will forever be an issue.

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Well tbf that's kinda the idea :good But I'm gonna add different titles in to make it worth taking risks sometimes.

I have a vision that this could be quality and am thinking of copyrighting this idea before someone else nicks it.
It does sound like a quality idea tbg.
Myself and Lunny are going to build 45-0 records respectively, the people of CHB will demand a high-profile clash but our mutual respect and grass-roots moderating will forever be an issue.
I'm gonna knock the fuck out of you on the first opportunity. This ain't no tickling contest.

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Alright guys I've added the rules into the 2nd post on here. If anything needs clearing up let me know.

Other than that, feel free to put down any predictions you want :good

I'll make a spreadsheet later so I can keep track of the rankings and who's predicted what etc.

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Will it be restarted at the end of the year?
Maybe not at the end of this year but it'll be restarted again at some point yeah. Otherwise the records won't look realistic. Might restart it at the end of this "season".

Is it first come first serve?

Yep. I think it'll make it more interesting and also this way everyone will have a completely different record.

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How does the KO bit work?? shouldnt that be for correct method? What are the other available fights this weekend?
You get the KO if the guy you back gets the KO.

I'll put a list of notable fights up soon but any fight that's listed on boxrec can be chosen. I'm gonna change the rule on titles in a bit as well to make it more interesting.
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