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The Ruiz Haye fought vs Chisora. Who is the better fighter?

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A lot of people have said that haye-chisora will look like haye-ruiz while the other side say that chisora is a lot better than ruiz.
The way I see it is that ruiz is better technically and throws straighter shots behind a half decent jab but chisora is stronger and has a better engine. I don't think there is too much between them in terms of toughness and chin. Chisora may recover a bit quicker because of his youth and fitness but he can be hurt. If they squared off I could see Chisora taking a close decision in a ugly fight.
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Im not sure that version of Ruiz beats Helenius
Yes he would. Helenius is shit, Chisora is shit.
Helenius isn't shit. He was a top 5 heavyweight having knocked out a couple of former world champions, and everyone picked him to knock Chisora out. Chisora just bullied him on the inside. While I'd expect Ruiz to come in with a similar game plan and lay on the Finn's chest, I don't no if at that stage Ruiz had the speed or the movement to get inside the jab and straight right.

I'm also not sure that that version of Ruiz could survive the punch that del did in the 1st or 2nd round (the one that sent him back on the ropes)
1) Ruiz wouldn't have taken such an obvious, telegraphed shot from Helenius. 2) It worries me that you believe any of that silliness you've written.
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