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The Ruiz Haye fought vs Chisora. Who is the better fighter?

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A lot of people have said that haye-chisora will look like haye-ruiz while the other side say that chisora is a lot better than ruiz.
The way I see it is that ruiz is better technically and throws straighter shots behind a half decent jab but chisora is stronger and has a better engine. I don't think there is too much between them in terms of toughness and chin. Chisora may recover a bit quicker because of his youth and fitness but he can be hurt. If they squared off I could see Chisora taking a close decision in a ugly fight.
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People don't give Haye enough credit for Ruiz clearly not a prime Ruiz or even a top fighter but he was a decent name certainly. He actually made Ruiz into an exciting fighter for one night.
Totally agree, other than seeing him get sparked by Tua it's the only Ruiz fight I have managed to watch twice without losing the will to live.

As for the original question, I would pick that version of Ruiz to beat Chisora as well.
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