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The Sun Interview with Dereck Chisora

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Source: The Sun

What do you make of the controversy surrounding your fight with Haye?

You know what, there's controversy in everything in life, so we're just doing what we have to do and that's it.

Are you surprised that some fans believe your clash with Haye was arranged beforehand?

It wasn't staged at all. I don't like the guy and he doesn't like me.

How determined were you to land the fight?

After everything that happened in Germany, I said to Frank that I wanted to fight this guy. Frank told me it would be hard but he'd sort it - and we've done exactly that.

Are you disappointed boxing was dragged through the mud by you both in Munich?

I regret some of my actions, yeah. But I was very surprised that Haye was even there and I was annoyed because I don't like the guy.

Something happened in the past and that's why we don't get on.

You recently tweeted a picture of you wearing a T-Shirt with the slogan 'Ain't toe stopping us now' to mock the Hayemaker. Where did the idea come from?

The T-shirt was a spur of the moment thing and we'll be selling them on the night for my fans to wear.

Having boxed at Upton Park before, when you defeated Danny Williams to win the British title in 2010, what can we expect on the night?

It will be amazing, I like the ground and the atmosphere is going to be electric. Put it this way, It's going to be a great fight and you don't want to miss it.

Are you confident the bout will actually go ahead?

The fight will happen. We've sold thousands of tickets already and it will definitely happen.

Have you got a message for Haye?

All I can say to the guy is train hard and look forward to fighting me.

He's a former WBA heavyweight champion - surely his boxing skills concern you?

No, his speed and power don't worry me at all, simply because he's not tasted my power and speed before. The fact I'm a natural heavyweight will also work in my favour.

Looking back at your performance against Klitschko, how proud are you of the fight despite the fact you lost?

I enjoyed the fight with Vitali. He beat me on points but it will be different next time - and he knows that.

Did you not know Vitali is planning to retire after fighting Manuel Charr in his native Ukraine on September 1?

Who? As far as I'm aware I was going to fight him at the end of September. Charr, who the f*** is he? I've never heard of that guy! Where's he from?

Charr is based in Germany but was born in Syria. He's unbeaten in 21 fights.

I've never heard of him!

He's beaten Danny Williams...

Anyone can beat Danny! This guy's not beaten anyone worth mentioning.

What about Wladimir Klitschko, is he someone you'd like to fight in the future?

Definitely, everyone's beatable and he certainly is. The key to beating him is dedication and hard work - and that goes for everything in life.

But you've not always shown that dedication, especially in your fight against Tyson Fury...

All of that's in the past and it's all gone now. If the money's right, I'll box him again and I'll whoop that boy's ass. The bottom line with Tyson is that he hasn't got what it takes.

Looking at another British heavyweight coming through, what do you think of David Price?

Price is a great guy and a great fighter, but he needs to fight more before I take him seriously. I definitely wouldn't fight him, simply because there's no money there.
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Depends how many risks Fat Mick wants to take with his gravy train
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