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By Ted Sares on May 21, 2013

"The same thing happened when I was an amateur-everyone expected me to win the ABAs but I didn't even win the South East Divs. In contrast, later that year in the amateurs I knocked out the Canadian champion when boxing for England and then the English super-heavyweight champion Danny Watts in 32 seconds. That's Danny Williams all over, you never know what you're going to get."-Danny Williams

"Against Tyson no one expected anything from me which is why I was able to go out there and perform the way I did… I was surprised when the end came in the fourth but when I had him going the fear of the man kept me throwing punches."-Williams

When Danny was good, he was damn good. When he was bad, he was bloody awful. Danny Williams won his first 16 pro bouts before losing to the very ordinary Julius Francis (19-7 at the time) in 1999. During this first run, his weight varied between 227 and 255 and against Francis, he weighed 248.

Danny bounced back with a one-round KO over hapless Ferenc "Merciless" Deak (2-14), but he weighed 253, some 46 pounds more than the not-so-merciless Deak. He then made another impressive run during which he fought mostly over 255. He wore the weight well and took the measure of some solid opposition. It was during this streak that he beat Mark Potter for the vacant BBBofC British heavyweight title and the Commonwealth (British Empire) heavyweight title.
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