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The worst, high-profile card of the year

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Sorry for the negativity but looking at the Price/Skelton and Heffron/Vassell card got me thinking about similar poor cards.

Price v Skelton - Is a complete mismatch which most anticipate will be over before round 5/6
Williams v Goodings - Chief support. Ten rounder. Admittedly late replacement for Hamilton in a British title fight.
The rest = 4/6 rounders featuring local guys, the pick being Tony Dodson.

Maloney is clearly not stupid by packing the card with locals to maximise ticket sales for less money.

Vassell v Heffron - good CW title fight
Flintoff v Dawson - got that special attraction
Saunders v McDonagh - decent yet predictable little fight, probably go the distance with a shutout Saunders win.

Any other poor cards? Think Mitchell/Lora was poor wasn't it?

(@chatty Goodings any good?)
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Good point, that was a pretty good scrap
Yeah he's pretty decent, nice lad as well. He has had a few set backs, not getting his license on medical terms when he first turned which was obviously rescinded, he then switched promoters which left him inactive for a while whilst he won a competition to join Warrens promotion company.

Tough fight for him here though and being massively inactive won't have helped him, two fights in two years (v Razak and Deakin) so its hard to gage if he has improved much or if he is going to have some competitive rust in there. He can box well, can dig enough to get respect if not much KO power and is a pretty game boxer. It should be an interesting scrap. Plus he keeps Meerkats and Racoons as pets so whats not to like about him.
He has my support :good
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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