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The worst, high-profile card of the year

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Sorry for the negativity but looking at the Price/Skelton and Heffron/Vassell card got me thinking about similar poor cards.

Price v Skelton - Is a complete mismatch which most anticipate will be over before round 5/6
Williams v Goodings - Chief support. Ten rounder. Admittedly late replacement for Hamilton in a British title fight.
The rest = 4/6 rounders featuring local guys, the pick being Tony Dodson.

Maloney is clearly not stupid by packing the card with locals to maximise ticket sales for less money.

Vassell v Heffron - good CW title fight
Flintoff v Dawson - got that special attraction
Saunders v McDonagh - decent yet predictable little fight, probably go the distance with a shutout Saunders win.

Any other poor cards? Think Mitchell/Lora was poor wasn't it?

(@chatty Goodings any good?)
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That British light welterweight title is cursed.
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