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Thil v Steele: why did this never happen?

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Anyone got any info on this?

Fro the early 30's Thil was the consensus number 1 in the division and around the mid 30's Steele rose to the top of the contenders list picking up some titles on the way.

This seems like a natural fight to make but it never came off, does anyone know why?

assuming it did come off in 36, who would have won?

In the end Apostoli stopped the pair of them to settle matters but for a couple of years beforehand it's tough identifying the top dog of the division. Thil was beating Brouillard and Tunero whilst Steele was beating Risko and Battaglia.

Any info/insight would be appreciated :good
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Could be simply geographical differences - as far as I'm aware Steele never left the US and Thil didn't leave Europe till his last fight which he got knocked out in.
yeah it could be. thil was still able to secure big fights with jones, brouillard, tunero and apostoli though.

who was regarded as the superior fighter back then? my heart says steele because he's considered a MW atg and thil is largely unknown but I'm not so sure.
Wow old thread!

I think I'd have to favour Steele in this matchup. Shame the top two never unified the fractured division.
Cheers for the links mate!good reading that:good
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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