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If you would like to discover how to load any strike you throw with the EXPLOSIVE POWER of a sawed-off shotgun…
EVADE your opponents with the grace of Muhammad Ali’s footwork…
And BUILD a fortress-like defense with your arms that is impenetrable by anyone no matter how big they are…
Hi, my name is Lee Mainprize, and I’ve been in the martial arts scene for more than 20 years, traveling the world, training with some of the most effective and vicious fighters in the world.
In fact, I’ve met many of the greatest living fighters in Europe. And one who stands out head and shoulders from all the rest is Lance Lewis — one of the greatest fighters of all time.

He’s the guy you’ll be learning your boxing skills from so that you can make quick work of attackers anytime, anywhere.
The special thing about Lance is that he’s done what very few fighters anywhere in the world has ever done.
He won a championship as a teenager fighting ADULTS almost twice his age and twice his size!
The only other fighter I know in the world who has accomplished the same feat is Mike Tyson.
And I believe Lance got to this elite level of boxing for two reasons: 1) His raw talent and 2) because he drilled day and night at the world-famous Kronk Gym.
A World Famous Kronk Gym Fighter
Only 1 breed of fighter gets into Kronk Gym; the toughest, meanest and most stone-cold disciplined fighter.
If you can’t take the heat, you pack your bags and leave with your head hanging in shame.
Lance didn’t quit. Lance didn’t leave.
In fact, Lance Lewis was the first fighter outside the United States of America to get accepted into this exclusive clique of fighters, which included the world’s best boxers.
Most of whom, including Lance, trained under one man, Emmanuel Steward – the same man who trained more than 30 world boxing champions including Lennox Lewis, Thomas Hearns, and Oscar De la Hoya.
Emmanuel Steward was such a phenomenal trainer that he was able to jump-start Lance’s fighting career from the very beginning…

Lance began his fighting career before he was able to drive. While other kids were riding bikes and doing stuff that teenagers do, Lance was training to become a professional fighter.
Lance was so unusually talented and driven that he became the British Kickboxing Champion when he was just 16 years old.
Then, while still in his teens, Lance went on to defeat the legendary Scottish World Boxing Champion Ken Buchanan in boxing.
Let me say that again… Lance defeated the World Boxing Champion while he was still a teenager!
What’s more, Lance went on to become the World Kickboxing Champion — #1 in the world (not just Britain).
Which is why when I wanted to put a video set together detailing the very best boxing for the street secrets, it was mandatory for me to get Lance Lewis onboard.
Together with a team of filmmakers I’ve managed to persuade him to produce a 3-volume video set detailing his finest street boxing secrets. I’m talking about the stuff most people will never come close to getting access to.

From his website...

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"Then, while still in his teens, Lance went on to defeat the legendary Scottish World Boxing Champion Ken Buchanan in boxing."

If he is indeed Lance Williams, then he wasn't in his teens when he fought a shot to pieces Buchanon who hadn't fought for a World Title in 6 years and hadn't held one in over a decade.
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