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The guys at the TRAD TKO Gym have set up a promotional deal in conjunction with the royal family of Abu Dhabi, and will embark on a series of 'blockbuster shows in the UAE'

First up could be Paulie Malignaggi vs Diego Chaves with a 'star studied card'

How unusual is this! :lol:

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Full article:

Johnny Eames and Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro, partners of the famous London
fight factory The TRAD TKO Boxing Gym, today announced that they have
recently created a new promotional company, Showtime Sports Events
Limited, and that in 2013 they are to promote events in both the UK and

Showtime Sports Events Limited was created by the esteemed pair with
longtime associate Gary Barber, for the specific purpose of partnering
with his Royal Highness Sheikh Khaled Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, His
Excellency Khaled Abdulla Al Mansoori, World sanctioning organization The
World Boxing Federation, UAE based Durar Advertising LLC and security
specialists Gulf Risk Management, to promote boxing events Worldwide as
well as develop a professional boxing culture within the Gulf region.

It was also announced that they are about to ink a deal with Brooklyn, New
York’s WBA World Welterweight Champion Paulie ‘Magic Man’ Malignaggi to
defend his crown, as well as compete for the newly vacated WBF World
title, against Buenos Aires, Argentina’s Diego Gabriel Chaves, on their
first major international event, which will take place in Abu Dhabi,
probably in April.

On making the announcement promoter Johnny Eames said;

“Firstly I’d like to say how excited I am with what’s happening.

After fifteen years in the pro boxing game, kicking my heels, so to speak,
and working off broken promises from certain promoters and letting boys
down through no fault of my own, I’m finally in a position where I can
give promises I know I can keep.

Our aim is to promote the biggest and best events we can, we have a vast
amount of funds allocated to us to pull in the biggest fighters, not just
for the Abu Dhabi and the Middle East project, but also for shows we are
putting on in Great Britain.

The hard work that Gianluca, as well as our partners, have put in over the
past year to make this all come together has finally paid off. It’s going
to be huge, it’s just a pleasure for me to be part of it and it’s really
exciting for me to be part of it.

Our first promotional date, in the Middle East, looks like being in April.
We had made separate approaches to two of the three biggest fighters on
the planet, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez to headline.

Unfortunately our timing or something like that didn’t work for them, so
we had to move on, but we’ve still got a big name, Paulie Malignaggi,
headlining our first show, supported by a great undercard.

It’s an honour and a privilege to be working with His Royal Highness
Sheikh Khaled Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi and His Excellency Khaled Abdulla Al
Mansoori and I’m sure we will not let them down.”

Showtime Sports Events Managing Director Gianluca Di Caro then added:

“As Johnny said it’s a true honour and privilege to be working alongside
His Royal Highness Sheikh Khaled Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi and His
Excellency Khaled Abdulla Al Mansoori, as well as our excellent Middle
East partners Durar Advertising LLC and Gulf Risk Management

It’s also fantastic to be working on this project alongside the World
Boxing Federation, an organization I have had the privilege of being
involved with for the past sixteen months.

Now we are looking forward to attracting the biggest names in the sport to
fight on our shows, as well as compete for WBF Championship honours.

We are particularly pleased to have the WBF involved in this project,
especially since a WBF Champion of the World is just that; the one and
only, not one of many.

I find it particularly refreshing that the WBF do not offer the ridiculous
and devaluing ‘silver’, ‘diamond’, ‘regular’ or ‘super’ versions of their
World Title just to generate higher sanctioning income, as far too many of
the so called ‘top four’ do these days.”

Moving onto the upcoming event Mr. Di Caro said;

“It is our intention to attract the best boxers for our events, we want
exciting all action Battle Royale’s that will enthrall and entertain the

We are not naïve, we want to develop our own stable of World class boxers,
but this will take a little time.

As such, we are fully aware that we need to build strategic working
relationships with all the top promoters world wide, something we have
already begun to develop, in order to secure the best fighters for our
shows, not just the first few but for all future events.

Talking about World class fighters, whilst it is true we did approach both
Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez with multi-million dollar offers,
I’d like to point out that we did get one of our first choice fighters in
Paulie Malignaggi.

Originally we had targeted Paulie Malignaggi versus Ricky Hatton to
headline our first event, however, Ricky lost to Vyacheslav Senchenko and
immediately announced he was retiring again.

We began looking for an alternative, it was only then did we approach
Marquez. After weeks of discussions it was clear that JMM wasn’t going to
come onboard, Nacho Beristein made a statement in the Mexican press saying
about the massive offer, but also stating Fernando Beltran and Top Rank
have priority.

We then started initial discussions with Brad Jacobs for Manny Pacquiao,
with a similar offer to that we made for Marquez, but virtually straight
away the press reports, coming from Bob Arum, made clear that he didn’t
want Manny to fight before the proposed Pacquiao-Marquez five, so we
didn’t bother to progress this further as it clearly wasn’t going to pan

Things changed the moment I heard that the negotiations for Paulie’s fight
with Shane Moseley had broken down, I called Paulie straight away, within
the hour discussions were already being held with Steven Bash from his
management team.

I would like to thank Paulie, Steven and Golden Boy’s Richard Schaefer,
for their professionalism and willingness to discuss our proposal. I mean,
it’s been just over a week since we first spoke, yet we are now just days
away from signing contracts.

This is going to be one helluva show, besides Paulie Malignaggi versus
Diego Garcia Chaves in a WBF/WBA title clash, this mega event also
features five further proposed Championship bouts, including a mighty
clash between two current World Champions, as WBF Super Middleweight World
Champion, Mexico’s Marco Antonio Rubio, switches back to his preferred
Middleweight division to challenge current WBF Champion Ukraine’s Vitaliy

We have South Africa’s Zolani Morali, who has the unenviable task of
defending his WBF Light Welterweight crown against one of the toughest
stars of the division, Russia’s Denis Shafikov.

Keeping in a similar vein, France’s WBF Light Heavyweight Champion Nadjib
Mohammedi has an equally tough proposed defense, against exciting Simi
Valley, California, USA, based Ukrainian Ismayl Sillakh.

South Africa’s World #2 ranked Flyweight Moruti Mthalane takes on the #3
in the division, Philippines super star Sonny Boy Jaro for the vacant WBF
Flyweight World title.

The final proposed Championship bout features former British and IBO World
Champion Colin Lynes, battling it out with Poland’s EBU-EU Champ, Rafal
Jackiewicz, for the vacant WBF Inter-Continental Welterweight title and
possibly the right to challenge the winner of Malignaggi-Chaves for the
WBF World crown later in the year.

In addition there will be four non-championship bouts, featuring four
fantastic young stars of the future. I’m not going to say too much at this
point, but one of these kids will be Heavyweight Champion of the World and
what’s more he’s already signed to us.

Finally I’d like to say, that like Johnny, I feel extremely privileged to
be involved in this exciting project and just can’t wait for our first
fight night, it’ll be awesome.”

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Arab money in boxing is going to be weird.

There have been rumours of arabs willing to pay big money for really odd fights. Like top boxers against nobodies for millions, can't remember who but it was posted a few weeks back. Hope it doesn't go like that.

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Arab money in boxing is going to be weird.

There have been rumours of arabs willing to pay big money for really odd fights. Like top boxers against nobodies for millions, can't remember who but it was posted a few weeks back. Hope it doesn't go like that.
The weirdest thing is the bigging up of the WBF and that they don't have 'interim' and 'diamond' belts. Cannot believe that the WBF are trying to take the high road.

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'We are particularly pleased to have the WBF involved in this project,
especially since a WBF Champion of the World is just that; the one and
only, not one of many.'

:lol: Christ. Can you imagine Paulie Malignaggi fightin Colin Lynes for a 'world title'.

Whilst the card appears to have some good names on it (Paulie - and Chaves probably isn't a bad fight - along with Shafikov, Silakh, Lynes-Jackiewicz isn't a bad little clash, Rubio) some of those bouts are total jokes and the whole venture appears to be.

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In a shocking turn of events, Malignaggi-Chaves is off.

Article Link -
This is a legal waiver. By copying and using the material from this article, you agree to give full credit to or provide a link to the original article.

Showtime Sports Events (SSE) today announced that all negotiations for WBA Welterweight World Champion Paulie Malignaggi to defend his crown against interim Champion, Argentina's Diego Chaves, at their inaugural event at Zayed Sports City, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on May 18th have been terminated.

The Showtime team first entered negotiations with Malignaggi on the 23rd January, with the intention that Brooklyn, USA based Malignaggi facing WBF Welterweight King, Tijuana, Mexico's Humberto Soto, however the following day the WBA ordered Malignaggi to face mandatory challenger Chaves.

After some nifty negotiations by Malignaggi's lawyer, Steven Bash, the SSE team agreed to a switch of opponent and immediately made a substantial offer to Diego Chaves' management.

However, whilst Malignaggi was firmly on board in January, it was not until the 14th February, some three days after the deadline set by SSE for acceptance of the offer, that the Argentinian's promoter, Osvaldo Rivero, actually began negotiations.

With the clock ticking, SSE's matchmaker, Olaf Schroeder, and lawyer, Tony Wyatt, set to work in an attempt to secure Chaves' signature.

With no further correspondence being received from Mr. Rivero by February 21st, just a few short days before both the WBA and proposed PPV provider's deadline of February 24th, Showtime Sports Events Managing Director, Gianluca Di Caro intervened, by personally writing to Mr. Rivero.

Neither Mr. Rivero or the Argentinian's camp responded, leaving no viable option but for SSE to terminate all discussions, regarding Chaves, and focus on other options available.

With the news breaking earlier today, that the WBA have now called for purse bids on March 11th for Malignaggi-Chaves, these options seem rather limited.

Even so, Showtime Sports Events promoter, Johnny Eames, remains relatively sanguine about the whole affair, saying,

"As much as we tried to get the Malignaggi-Chaves fight on, it seems this is now a non-starter.

"It's a month since we had Paulie Malignaggi agree to the fight, but for some reason Chaves' people have decided they don't want the fight on our show, even though the offer we made is much higher than Chaves has had for his previous fights.

"It's so disappointing, Chaves is the #1 contender to challenge for Paulie Malignaggi's WBA title.

"The WBA were happy for us to put it on, Golden Boy were happy for us to put it on, but it seems someone, probably not Chaves but someone in his camp, was holding out for more money because it's in Abu Dhabi.

"Either that or they had no intention of signing and were holding out for the WBA to order purse bids, so they can have the fight on home turf.

"Either way, so it goes, they didn't sign by yesterday and now we're going to have to look elsewhere, hopefully though with Paulie Malignaggi still top of the bill, possibly against WBF World Champion Humberto Soto.

"If it doesn't work out that way, so be it and we'll put Paulie on another of our shows later in the year, because he has been so easy to deal with and we don't want him losing out on the big purse we offered him."
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