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Tonight's Fight Predictions

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Absolutely huge night of boxing tonight both sides of the pond.

Vano tips:
Kell Brook to win his final eliminator in style, stopping Hector Saldivia early
Kenny Anderson to get the stoppage over a shot Reid
Jamie McDonnell to win outright in a world title eliminator
Then over to the states. Paulie Maglinnaggi to beat an overweight Cano on PTS. WAR PAULIE!!
Devon Alexander to box rings around Baily to win wide on points
N'Dam N'Jikam to push Kid Chocolate all the way before losing on PTS
and Danny Garcia to take over from Morales in the second half of the fight.

What's the fight of the night? It's Quillin - N'Jikam for me. Very interesting fight
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I don't know why, but I'm not looking forward to any of those fights. Brook fight should be OK and the Quillin fight will be interesting, but none of them exciting.
Not really excited about tonight, the only fight that the winner isn't a dead cert* is the Kid Chocolate fight, and he didn't impress me much against Winky's corpse so i'm not even interested in that fight either.

*Bailey too I guess, but that's going to be worse than paint drying anyway. however if Bailey sparks that cunt Alexander I will forgive him for what is undoubtedly a horrendous fight and my enthusiasm will be back in full swing.
That's what I was getting at really mate, every fight has an air of inevitability about it.

Edit: except for maybe the Quillin fight, but then I still can't see past Quillin.
Exactly, its like people are forgetting Morales was coming off a very recent surgery and didn't have alot of preparation time hence why he came in over weight for the first time in his career yet still fought a good competitive fight earning a draw on my card

I reckon he'll box circles around Garcia who may be a bit trigger happy after knocking out Khan
No chance mate, not as far as I can see, watching Morales fight is a sad sight these days.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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