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By @WelshDevilRob

Steve Sims and Tony Borg produced another Great evening of boxing in Newport, South Wales as fans were treated to all the excitement that boxing can offer. The drama was high with fights that had shifts in momentum, in front of passionate supporters. The show was a double main event involving two title fights for British Masters honours in the lightweight and light heavyweight divisions.

At lightweight the eagerly anticipated showdown between Tony Pace, of Talbot Green and Aberdare's Lance Sheehan more than lived up to expectations. The fight saw Tony 'The Snake' Pace lift the title in a tremendous and courageous effort.

In the early rounds it was hard to separate the two fighters, as Sheehan worked well with the jab and Pace applied pressure. At times Sheehan was matching Pace's infighting and having success but he was slowly being drawn into his opponents fight.

The contest looked all over in the fifth, as a left hook early in the round badly hurt 'The Snake' and the follow-up barrage had him in all kinds of trouble and he spent the majority of the round being battered by every shot in the book. There were calls for the referee, Wynford Jones, to stop it but he didn't intervene and the round took a lot out of Sheehan - who had thrown just about everything to end it. How Pace didn't go down is beyond me and more astounding was that in the next round, it was Pace who came out stronger while Sheehan's 'tank' appeared empty. There are moments when you see a fighters will and determination and in those fifth and sixth rounds, we saw them from Tony. He rode out the storm, in the fifth and in the next round came back firing.

In the seventh we saw a triple left hook from Pace and he was dictating the fight. Once he's inside and starts to let his hands go he's like a dynamo. Sheehan took a few rounds to get back his energy back and started boxing better in the ninth but it was still his opponent who was controlling the tempo of the fight. Pace was having a field day in the later rounds with crunching hooks to the body and hooks to the head.

In the he final round both men still threw leather and considering that neither man had been past six rounds before, it was a feat in itself. It amazed me how well Pace recovered from the fifth round and how Sheehan, seemingly running on empty could carry on round after round.

The official scorecard of referee, Wynford Jones, read 97-93 to the deserved winner Tony Pace. I scored it closer at 96-94, which included the 10-8 round in the fifth.

At only 19 and with a hard start to professional boxing, Tony Pace just keeps getting better, stronger and fitter. His record improves to 4 Wins with 4 losses and he won his first title the British Masters lightweight belt. Sheehan suffered his first defeat in 6 fights but will have gained a lot of experience from this bout and can only comeback stronger. The fight was missed by the TV cameras but will live long in the memories of those there to witness it.

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