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Traoré VS Lotsu RBR: Ghana VS Mali, Afrosport, channel 4, now!

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Watch this epic fight in print! I translate for your Britannica! Starting soon! Please! Prepare your anus!
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Okay, introduction take place. Anders Mahana commentate. Traoré make way on ring to sound of music theme.
Traoré make way to ring on sound of music theme. Is very pretty. He is wearing shingles on his robe. Good fighter. Anders Marsala is commentate.
I always get the two Anders mix up. haha.
There are 330 people in audience sitting.
Lotsu come out to take the breath away from top gun. Is romantic. Perhaps too much. He like to clinch like he want make a bung on opposer.
Oh, there is rap break for remix of the breath away song. Wow. This is very jazzy jeffing, my fresh princes. Anyone else can hear this? Groovy tunes, my mans.
This long version. We back to singy part of song. He already in ring now three minutes.
Okay, Michael Buffer's nephew, Todd Buffer, he is saying everybody now.
There is guest appearance from Nadya Sulaiman lookalike here in the audience. I like Todd Buffer have his catsup phrase "Let's make a tumble." Is very cleverly. But not like Nate! heheh.
Janelle Monae sang Ghanian anthem, by the bay. She no get words right.
R1: Traoré make big scrofulate on him in the first danza of the round. He show who the boss is. Lotsu has many kneecap problems since doctor shave one to rid him of baddies. He is plodder. He can no keep up and his jabby jabby all over his toothguard. 10/9 Traoré.
The Nadya Sulaiman lookalike remind me of woman who comes here to adopt children. Not much but a little bit.
R2: Love Gilmore telled his fighter to release the beast this round and not get jabbed in face so much. I agree! He must no! He is still getting jabby jabby. Traoré want hook with hooker pow pow kung pow like a chicken all over the ring like a wing on a string. Punchy punchy brewster. This fight is A-okay daddy-o. But Traoré is like superman fight batman who have no super powers. 20/18 Traoré.
Commissioner has ask we take a break from proceedings to address Bubi's uncle Amadou recent bandit scandal. He is president here. This may take some time. I hope Traoré does not cool himself like refrigerator perry. Bad, bad.
"I no behind banditry problem."

Yes, yes, we know. You are innocent as the driveling snow. My aunt has a fanny, Amadou.
There we have it. He has blamed Popobawa for this mess. Bandits are no Popobawa minion. What you think we are very stitious? For crying out lowed, President Traoré. Pathetic. You are hoopleface.
After Lotsu has had shoe retied we are unretiring. It looks like they do stay warmed and sweatlaced. Ding ding. RD 3:

Joseph Lotsu has now regain his own self. He is tapering to his side and make a swings all to feint hisself. Traoré DUCK AND DODGE BUT MUCH GET THROUGH. lOTSU IS ON THE MARCH AND HE IS COMING TO SEEK AND DESTROY LIKE A BIG BADDY WEAPON. hE IS NO JAB BUT ALL HOOKER. bOOM BOOM SHOOTS HIM RIGHT DOWN!. Right off him's feet! wE HAVE OUR FIRST kd! Traoréoré down! Sorry my type get anarchistic on your face but I am happy excite! President is now ringside with arm guards. He UPSET! He upset! "Get your face up, Bubi!" he yell at his nephew. I think this nepotism in a right. El oh el. Traoré up to show referee Smoger. Jeff Smoger say A-okay baby Bubi blow your gasket into a casket if you tisket a tasket. We have a brawl, sweeties! :clap:

28/28 Tie ball game! Buy a peenut crackerjack!
RD 4:

Lotsu has slip on strange oily place on canvas nex Traoré's corner. It look like someone jab him in buttock with something. Strange person runaway. He stand up. The referee look at President and call it a knockdown. They are back to fight. Whoa! Who shot JR over this way, space ball? Lotsu look very POOCHY. I no even see a punch landed! He all over the place! LOTSU LEGS ARE LIKE CONFETTI! Holy Maccarinelli, yankee noodles in brandy! He look like he hit with hammertime! Bubi Traoré finish him like a champ. There is nothing strange here! Nothing! This is big potato cake TKO! I win on under! I win on under! Bajingo! @Bajingo! Pay this to me, please! What an event night! Okay, broadcast over, grovers. Traoré TKO 4.
Yes, it was amazing fight. I think I haved a fight myself with some Springbok cocktails lasted evening too. heh.
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