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UK Heavies - top of division 2

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Division 1 is Price, Fury, Chisora & Haye

Division 2 is Rogan, Harrison, Skelton, Olubamiwo, McDemott, Sexton, Towers, Sprott & Dallas (most will drop to division 3 and are highly unlikely to get to Division 1

Division 3 - White, Little, Cornish etc - How many will get to division 1?
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Don't think any from division 2 will get to division 1, most have had there chance and failed, mostly by landslide. Just dont think they are skilled enough and have reached their level.

Never seen any in division 3 fight yet so no comment on how hight they can go.
There are a few interesting fights that could be made in division 2 especially should Fury and Price move out of the division and into the world and Euro cup stakes with Haye and Chisora.

The division 3 guys should be hoping to draw the division 2 guys in the cup so that they can prove they are too big for the lower leagues.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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