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underrated boxers from the past

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ones that don't show up in the history logs too often, but may have been unlucky in their careers or just around at the wrong time....add your picks fellas...

i'd like to kick off with holley mims.

i have read that his fight with a prime sugar ray robinson was a very lucky points win for ray and it could have gone either way with him cutting ray too.....he beat (albeit young) future heavyweight champ jimmy ellis...lost to hurricane carter on points but not before flooring carter...lost a very tight decision on paper to dick tiger (one judge had it a draw)...he beat johnny bratton twice...

..after what apparently was a very dubious points defeat, when he was an old fighter at that stage, against joey archer - "That's OK with me, I beat Archer even if I didn't get the decision. But that's an old story with me."

some of that archer fight..

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I know Benny Leonard is often mentioned by historians but i dont think he is held in the highest esteem on forums. Up until Robinson the consensus was that Benny Leonard was the perfect fighter, the greatest there had been. On forums he rarely gets his name thrown in with the likes of Robinson, Gans and Armstrong and i think its a great shame.
It is a shame...Benny leonard in his day was revered as much as the later WW, Ray Robinson. He was considered the perfect lightweight who was LW champion for SEVEN YEARS during which he defeated the greatest array of lightweight contenders ever...Such as Lew Tendler, Johnny Kilbane Freddy Welsh, Johnnie Dundee, Charley White, Richie Mitchell, Joe Welling, Rocky Kansas, Ever Hammer etc. He had to "carry" fighters so he could get a lucrative rematch, so great Benny was...His like we will never see again...
Are you Burt Beinstock ? He is normally the only other person who bigs up Leonard as much as I do.
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