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underrated boxers from the past

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ones that don't show up in the history logs too often, but may have been unlucky in their careers or just around at the wrong time....add your picks fellas...

i'd like to kick off with holley mims.

i have read that his fight with a prime sugar ray robinson was a very lucky points win for ray and it could have gone either way with him cutting ray too.....he beat (albeit young) future heavyweight champ jimmy ellis...lost to hurricane carter on points but not before flooring carter...lost a very tight decision on paper to dick tiger (one judge had it a draw)...he beat johnny bratton twice...

..after what apparently was a very dubious points defeat, when he was an old fighter at that stage, against joey archer - "That's OK with me, I beat Archer even if I didn't get the decision. But that's an old story with me."

some of that archer fight..

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Yep, indeed, love Mims. You might like this Doug:

Went 1-1 with Mims; great era of underrated middleweights :good
Ellis seemed to be a green prospect at middle to me. Footage of Mims beating him is on youtube :good

I think Benton definitely honed Sweet Pea's defensive skills; but Whitaker had that style beforehand anyway.
Booker and Bivins for sure. Burley is overrated IMO.
Marshall wasn't the most durable though. Led him to slip up a few times.

Burley has always seemed the 'obvious choice' to me. Obviously great, a fantastic operator anywhere between welter and light heavy. But Bivins, Lytell, Holman and Booker deserve to be ranked up there with Burley and Marshall IMO. I know more about the series between Williams and Cocoa Kid to be honest with you. From what I know of them outside of those fights, Williams might well have been the best of the 'underrated' members of Murderers Row (obviously Charles and Moore are regularly lauded as two of the ATGs)
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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