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underrated boxers from the past

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ones that don't show up in the history logs too often, but may have been unlucky in their careers or just around at the wrong time....add your picks fellas...

i'd like to kick off with holley mims.

i have read that his fight with a prime sugar ray robinson was a very lucky points win for ray and it could have gone either way with him cutting ray too.....he beat (albeit young) future heavyweight champ jimmy ellis...lost to hurricane carter on points but not before flooring carter...lost a very tight decision on paper to dick tiger (one judge had it a draw)...he beat johnny bratton twice...

..after what apparently was a very dubious points defeat, when he was an old fighter at that stage, against joey archer - "That's OK with me, I beat Archer even if I didn't get the decision. But that's an old story with me."

some of that archer fight..

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excellent....that johnny smith ko was a funny one, it looked like the left jab connected better than the right which seemed to graze the top of his head at best.
he's another who mixed it with jimy ellis at that weight.

buncey asked on his show last night which trainers were ex-boxers who trained boxers to fight like they did....i am trying to think which boxer would be like that under benton....who would you say ??

you know, (off topic this)..i am from the before youtube and the like era...and i never for a second take youtube for granted...i used to spend a fortune buying vhs tapes from adverts in boxing news...i had them all stolen, but thats for another thread....but some of the stuff i have seen for free nowadays i would have spent a lot of money on to get back in the late 80's / early 90's

anyway...good reply flea....enjoyed them.

also, its a headscratcher looking at jimmy ellis's record....when he was 24 he was a middleweight, weighing 160 for benton (in 1964).....within 6 months he had put on 16 pounds...and by the time he fought joe frazier he weighed 200 pounds at 30 years old.......i know fighters rise in weights from when they start out, but going from 160 at 24 years old, it seems late to be naturally growing.....this would be around the time he moved to angelo dundee, right ? to me about him flea
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that tommy watson piece is superb....really is.
Burley is overrated IMO.
how would you compare him with holman williams....did they fight 6 times with 3 each ??
That's him. Very same legend
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