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Vasquez - Quintero RBR AKA the fail thread of failing

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Boxnation coverage starts in 10, anyone about for this?
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They're showing Eubank - Close atm, when did they start showing old fights? I know Warren said about it before the channel launched but never knew they actually started doing it?
Buncey and Lillis paying respect to Manny Steward. I like Lillis a lot.
Quintero coming to the ring now.

Not really sure why i'm actually posting but fuck it.
Vasquez isn't even the main event for this either, I know the opponents not great but still that's poor. Lillis saying Vasquez only gettng something like £20k for this fight too. Poor guy.
Crowd already booing, first round wasn't exactly a war but fans booing gets on my nerves

Unless Alexander is fighting, then booing is the right thing to do

MV takes the first round, very little happened but he landed more and landed the one decent punch in the round, a solid hook to the body.
The third round was close, I gave it to Quintero. Vasquez trying to box and move and use his reflexes to get out the way of shots, and it wasn't working Quintero managed to land a few solid left hands and win the round.

This is my first time seeing Vasquez and have to say so far he doesn't look up to much, he's far to easy to hit and doesn't look to have the power to keep this guy off him.
Okay fuck this i'm going to bed, this fight is shit and i'm tired and none of you are keeping me company.

My run of great threads has now come to an end. I hope you're all happy.
1 - 8 of 12 Posts
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