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Villains In Boxing

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Nothing better than selling a grudge match when one boxer takes the villainous role. We've had Floyd and Marg in recent years play up the Pantamine villain role to massive success and in the past they've always found someone to vilify whether it be Jack Johnson, Max Schmeling, Muhammad Ali, Prince Naseem etc but marg has retired, Floyd has chilled out so who's going to take that role in the future? Any front-runners?
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All good shouts, i think Broner will take Floyds role but i think he'll come unstuck at somepoint so it'll backfire on him.

TBH I can't even remember seeing or hearing Gamboa speak much, seems his promoters does all his talking for him. I used to talk to him on facebook when he first turned and he seemed alright although he used to only speak Spanish so it was hard to make out much.

Fury seems to change with whatever the perception of him at the time is. When people are liking him he plays up the nice jokey fellow and when hes getting hated on he steps up the nasty bastard role. can't decide on him myself, i think he's just taking the piss half the time.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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