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I'm going with Crolla TKO.
Boldness is truly inspiring in a leader.
Hello, men. Sorry for going quiet, I'm in Cornwall checking out the outer reaches.

Crawford PTS looks good to me, sorry - I have little faith in Prescott, he's flaky as hell, but I do think he'll hear the final bell here. As Bryn so rightly points out, Crawford's KO % is pretty padded.

I'll do my best next week.

Happy Easter all - Easter Egg hunt about to begin here!

Good world, lads. All picks are in.

It's a strong week where I think we've gone the right way on each fight.

Ireland have gone for the over in the Golovkin fight, worth a challenge? If we lose we're still like 40 points ahead of Ireland, so little risk here. Thoughts?
Go for it - we're cruising!
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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