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Hi there.

@Lunny - Richard Abril vs Sharif Bogere

@Danny - Chris Van Heerden vs Matthew Hatton

@Mandanda - Ryan Clark vs Martin Concepcion

@Teeto - Amir Unsworth vs Chris Truman

@Bajingo - Donnie Nietes vs Moises Fuentes

@Vano-irons - Willie Nelson vs Michael Medina

@Jim Bowen - Billy Dib vs Evgeny Gradovich

Also, if any of you have an opinion on which fight I should pick to be worth double points this week then let me know, as I'm liable to fuck it up. I was thinking Abril-Bogere(WAR Sharif) or Nietes-Fuentes, while being risky would probably be the better choices as picks on those are more likely to be split. Holla anyways.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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