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Week in Boxing:

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Rather eventful week, time for a run down of the weeks events.

I've posted some questions, you don't have to answer them. Can just post up your general thoughts.

Tor Hamer: How would you guide his career from here on in? How far can he go?

Showtime: Will they get rid of the Magic Man Antonio Tarver?. If you had the choice would you keep him or let him go? and who would replace him if he were to go?. Malignaggi?

Lucas Matthysse: vs The Other Top 140lb fighters. How does he fair?

Humberto Soto: Hang them up? Been a great career but 140lbs may be a step to far?

Victor Ortiz: If you were his managing him what would be the next move. It's never going to get any better for the lad.

Joseito Lopez: Where next for him? How Impressed were you with him?

And finally @dkos has asked the following..
Kazuto Ioka: Should he move up in weight and pursue a clash with the excellent Roman Gonzalez, or stay at minimumweight and face his mandatory, the dangerous Denver Cuello?

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Victor Ortiz: If you were his managing him what would be the next move.

try and make a fight with paulie malinaggi..and hope paulie is looking for a seemingly handy first defence from his point of view.
Have they said the Canelo fight is off yet?. Wouldn't be shocked if it stays on..
i know what you mean...but as its a PPV and canelo is in the big time now, they'd never chance getting away with that
Id advise Ortiz to fight on, fuck the haters, regardless of what anyone says about the lad, all his fights are entertaining. Thats what matters at the end of the day.
too many people calling him a quitter today....boxing with a broken jaw isn't the trivial issue a lot of people posting online today seem to think it is
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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