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What are the WBO doing - regarding Ricky Burns

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Was Kevin Mitchell not the WBO no1 contender??

Are the WBO trying to force Ricky into the Broner fight???, Broner will probably fight DeMarco next so why make this daft statement about having to face the mandatory contender???. Take a guess who the 2 is??

Its Kevin are the WBO gonna force Burns to face Mitchell again lol, well hes number 2 and should move to number 1 if Broner fights for the WBC title

very strange
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I'd just like to say, its fucking crazy how good Ricky Burns has gotten. I mean, around two years ago he was just a domestic fighter, and now he could be close to creeping in the p4p top 10. He's such an excellent fighter and has passed every test with flying colours.
Wait, what?
In terms of his skills, I think he's certainly close to the p4p top 10 fighters. I think if he beats Broner he'll definitely get in there.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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