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What did you think of Broner's performance?

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As you all know, Broner defeated Vicente Escobedo on Saturday night. I'm watching it right now and I was impressed by Broner's handspeed and overall strength. He was walking Escobedo down the whole time and his handspeed was quite impressive. When he unleashed his combinations they did damage and he was pressing the action all night.
Escobedo wasn't without his little moments however. At times he would counter Broner or rip shots to the body, though they were few and far between.

What was your opinion? How far do you think Broner will go?
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It was a decent performance, but its really what was to be expected. Broner looked like a welterweight in there, so he was always going to have an easy time walking Escobedo down.

He does have talent though, good hand speed, fairly sound defence, a nice jab and a good variety of punches. He is also, of course a very strong 135/130 pounder. Ill be interested to see how he deals with a fighter who he doesn't greatly outmatch in size, which we'll probably see once he moves up to lightweight.
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