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What is the best result on saturday in terms of making future bouts?

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Bunce/Manny Steward say a Chisora victory would make a Wlad fight the biggest fight out there

What would the BBBOC looking for? - A Haye dominant victory so Chisora goes to obscurity or a borefest maul so neither fighter is sought after.

If Haye wins would Vitali hang around after the Charr fight?

Most of us would like a Price v Fury fighter with the winner to face the 14 July victor
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If Chisora loses this he's basically gonna be blackballed, he'll have a record of 15-4 and will become the epitome of a high risk/ low reward fight. If he wins I don't think either Klitschko will want do business with him again, they'll be some good crossroad bouts to be made with other top 10 guys though.

If Haye wins then there is the possibility of Vitali delaying his retirement for a big money fight, but the contract issue is a nightmare issue with the both of them. Haye has shown no enthusiasm to fight anyone else in the top 10 (already got enough money, is already content with legacy) I think he'll just end up fading back into retirement again.
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