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What is the record for amount of times put down in one round?

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I thought of this while watching Patterson vs Johansson yesterday. Patterson went down 7 times in round three before the ref waved the fight up. Crazy stuff, if that fight were in modern times it'd have been stopped after the first knock down.

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Jimmy Britt from up here was once put down 21 times in the first round, can't remember who he fought. He won by KO.
That is insane. His footwork must have been so shit!

But then a lot of old timers look real dodgy on the fundamentals like that. Like you'll see Dempsey falling on the ground trying to punch his opponents. Suppose it was a different sport back then.
At the start of the Firpo fight?

Dempsey lunges with a left hook, Firpo steps out of distance and throws a counter right that drops Dempsey to one knee - the way it has been edited removes Dempsey receiving a count.

If not this incident, which one are you referring to? Be interested to watch it.
You'd know far more than me on the subject. Yeah, pretty sure I was thinking of the Firpo fight, just looked like he fell over in the vid, thanks for clearing it up for me.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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