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What next for Paulie Malignaggi?

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Now that hatton is out of the window who do you want to see paulie fight?
Ortiz? Lopez? Is a fight with bradley possible (Top Rank GBP feud aside)?
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Matthysse can't get a meaningful fight at 140, perhaps he steps up?
paulie is well able to handle himself....a lot better than he's given credit for

I think Matthysse could force the stoppage, but Paulie is a bad arse and has been in there with some of the hardest punchers around
I love Paulie, but I would not see a Matthyse fight ending any differently to the Olusegun fight. I think he could get him out of there sooner to be honest.

Come on, fucking Khan got him out of there using pressure. The ref or corner would stop it.
Yeah but Khan is the second best offensive fighter in the world behind Pacquiao. Apparently :lol:
When has Paulie ever been demolished tho? Cotto couldn't do it
I actually think Paulie gets stopped too. But I don't think he gets destroyed. More than likely to be stopped on his feet ala Khan
Paulie stops Matthyse.
Well, he has the same number of Welterweight KOs than Pacquiao :happy
1 - 6 of 39 Posts
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