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What next for Paulie Malignaggi?

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Now that hatton is out of the window who do you want to see paulie fight?
Ortiz? Lopez? Is a fight with bradley possible (Top Rank GBP feud aside)?
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could this happen ?
mayweather still holds the wbc welter strap....paulie wba...
could mayweather come back to welter for a 'unification' fight....and for a sweetner which would be an easy to sell fight, against someone who he may consider easy opposition, and another belt win to add to the cv.....paulie wouldn't be expected to win, maybe wouldn't expect himself to win, but would see this as a nice way to finish up in the sport in a huge fight with nice wages at the end of it, more wages than any other fight out there could generate.

could that happen ??
paulie is well able to handle himself....a lot better than he's given credit for
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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