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When Eder Jofre Rocked L.A.

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California was rocking. It was the summer of 1960 and nothing could be finer than watching big time boxing in the Golden State. The exciting fights kept coming and so did the exciting fighters.

George Parnassus, matchmaker at the Olympic Auditorium and known as the Silver Fox of boxing, was using all of his flair and imagination to give fight fans what they wanted to see. Los Angeles was the magical candy store of boxing where all sizes and flavors of goodies were on sale. Parnassus was celebrating his third anniversary as the Olympic's matchmaker and he couldn't have invented a better track record for himself.
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Great article, Mike Casey is class.....
Jofre told that he was close to hit the canvas before the stoppage btw.....he said that Medel landed a left hook to his body and that the pain was appalling. He only could recover from it because his dad in the corner talked about his mom and he then was just way too much motivated to feel the pain.....
Spot on vic
Yes vic he did I liked how proud he seemed to become when talking of his family and his country . Came across as a genuinely honest man that at times wears his heart on his sleeve
Eder´s wife died recently btw...he was very close to her, not sure how he´ll deal with that loss...
that's sad to hear vic I am sure it will hit him hard lets hope he tough's it out and comes back fighting
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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