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When is Matt Korobov going to step up??

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At age 30 the former amateur star is having his 19th fight tomorrow night, has been a pro for over 4 years and has not yet had a fight scheduled for 10 rounds. He's looked solid and well drilled when I've seen him, if a little one paced and "by the numbers", but either he or his team mustn't have much confidence in his ability.

Its very noticeable that even as he's stepped up from poor to moderate opposition that the stoppage wins have ceased and the power thought to be there early in his career was more an indication of the level of opponent he was facing.
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I agree Chatty, I'm just waiting for him to drop a decision to some top 10-20 guy and all down hill from there. Like you say, he had the best start a boxer could hope for outside an Olympic medal, he was on several big fight undercards and given TV time when he started out but hasn't progressed much and looks 18 months-2 years behind where a 4 year pro should be with the added problem of him being 30 years old.
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