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Which fight are you most looking forward to tonight?

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Quigg-Munroe? Buckland-Foster Jnr? Berto-Guerrero? or the main event, Hatton-Senchenko? I can't pick, Quigg-Munroe edges it for me if i had to pick, really can't decide between them, but think maybe Munroe still has a little bit too much for Quigg
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I couldn't even give an answer really, interested in a good few but for varying reasons. Quigg-Munroe and Guerrero-Berto are the most intriguing in terms of how evenly-matched they are, there's Hatton just for the event itself and not knowing what he'll bring. Gary Buckland is my favourite British fighter as he is the man, so I look forward to him. There's also Quintana-Thurman and Cloud-Murat(the shit is up with that being in Venezuela?) which should be at least decent, good night overall.
Cloud/Murat ain't happening.

Guerrero/Berto is the best fight for me. Really looking forward to seeing Hatton again now though and Quigg/Munroe should be a good one.
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