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Which fight are you most looking forward to tonight?

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Quigg-Munroe? Buckland-Foster Jnr? Berto-Guerrero? or the main event, Hatton-Senchenko? I can't pick, Quigg-Munroe edges it for me if i had to pick, really can't decide between them, but think maybe Munroe still has a little bit too much for Quigg
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I couldn't even give an answer really, interested in a good few but for varying reasons. Quigg-Munroe and Guerrero-Berto are the most intriguing in terms of how evenly-matched they are, there's Hatton just for the event itself and not knowing what he'll bring. Gary Buckland is my favourite British fighter as he is the man, so I look forward to him. There's also Quintana-Thurman and Cloud-Murat(the shit is up with that being in Venezuela?) which should be at least decent, good night overall.

When did that happen? Swear it was still listed as on this morning, seemed a bit too weird to happen anyways.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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