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Promoter Dennis Hobson asked the question on twitter the other day of who would the fans like to see McDonnell face in his first defence of his IBF bantamweight title?

The most common answers were:

Lee Haskins - who McDonnell lost a close decision against in 2008. Haskins is British champion again and looking good as he aims to get back into the title mix. A natural domestic matchup with the rematch angle to help hype it as well as it being a very interesting fight.

Stephane Jamoye - McDonnell defended the European title against Belgium Stephane Jamoye in 2011 but it would be a good fight to see again.

Paulus Ambunda - unbeaten WBO champion but has never left Namibia. Perhaps he'd be keen to boost his profile on the world stage in a unification fight?

Other names mentioned include Ryosuke Iwasa, Joseph Agbeko and *ahem* Stuart Hall.

But who would you like to see McDonnell fight next?

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Haskins? Behave. :lol:

Out of those three highlighted I'd like to see him rematch Jamoye. I felt McDonnell lost when they fought first time, while Jamoye is the only other guy in Europe right now that should be considered for a 'world' title shot.

Personally I would love to see Iwasa get the opportunity, but that is never happening.
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